Microsoft is ending support behind popular Windows Mobile Operating Systems

Is your organization prepared for an complex OS migration project?

Move to Android and new handheld devices with ScanOnline and Zebra.
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Windows Embedded CE 6.0 support has ended
Windows Embedded 8.1 support will end June 2019
Windows Embedded 6.5 support will end January 2020

Let ScanOnline Help With Your OS Migration

A Few Reasons Why Android is Your Best Option

Apple IOS

❌ OS is available only on Apple consumer grade devices.

❌ Lacks enterprise level durability, scanning, computing and integration with enterprise IT systems.

❌ With a closed ecosystem 3rd parties can't redevelop the OS to fit specific employee workflows.

Windows Mobile

❌ If you stay with unsupported versions you face malware threats and increasing downtime.

❌ Migrating to Windows 10 or IoT means you still must rewrite apps and not all devices will accept Win10.

❌ You must consider whether Microsoft will stay in the rugged enterprise space – which has been questioned in the industry.


✅ Familiar easy to use interface for most workers.

✅ The most robust and widely accepted enterprise OS on the market.

Zebra Mobility Extensions (Mx) and Mobility DNA Solutions make Android a truly secure and capable enterprise solution.

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Smart Device Market Share by Operating System







Leaders in enterprise mobility

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For companies that depend on Windows mobility to push operations forward, it isn't a matter of "if", it's a matter of "when" change is needed. Enterprises worldwide are moving to Android, the market share leader, before they find themselves unsupported by Microsoft and at risk of multiple issues that can cause great damage, sometimes irreparable. Android is built for work; it's familiar to users and flexible to match unique work environments, but you need experts that understand the multiple steps required for a successful transition.

As a Zebra Premier Solutions Partner, ScanOnline can help you beat the clock, while optimizing workforce performance, turning critical OS migration projects to your advantage. Combined with Zebra's next generation of IoT ready, Android devices, we'll do more than simply help you comply with the new rules for enterprise mobility - we can expand the abilities of all of your on-the-go workforces.

Reasons to choose Zebra and Android

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Ease of Migration

Zebra has made Android its OS of choice. You get the widest variety of apps, built-in connectivity, open source and customizable OS. And you can access the huge developer community. 

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Enterprise Mobility Leader

Zebra is the global leader in rugged, enterprise-grade mobile computing devices. Zebra offers a complete line of ultra-rugged tablets, smartphones and mobile computers.

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Lower TOC

Zebra’s ultra-rugged devices deliver enterprise-grade durability and a longer life cycle to maximize your hardware investment.

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Higher Productivity

Zebra’s latest mobile enterprise devices can run all the latest resource-intensive enterprise applications. They feature faster processors, more memory, and provide a big increase in performance vs. older hardware.

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Data Capture

Zebra’s advanced scanning engines enable first-time, every-time capture of 1D and 2D barcodes and part marks.

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Tough Security 

Zebra devices provide the ultimate in security. Over-the-air updates make it easy to apply the latest security updates. Enterprise mobility management also offers greater visibility, support, and security tools for device and application management.

Trade in your outdated qualifying devices and get cash back. 

Now is a good time to trade in your old devices and upgrade to cutting edge technology. Upgrade your OS and upgrade your technology together. Plus, various non-Zebra branded hardware may qualify for rebates.

  • Boost efficiency in the warehouse
  • Beat the date to migrate – save headaches, avoid security risks
  • Future proof your warehouse with the latest technology from Zebra

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